To gain the best possible results from aesthetic surgery requires careful patient selection. Not all procedures are suitable for all patients, therefore it is impossible to offer anything other than very general advice before seeing a patient. It is certainly better to have no procedure than an inappropriate one. To undergo aesthetic surgery is a major decision requiring appropriate discussion and thought.
Cosmetic Procedures

A bodylift is an extended form of an abdominoplasty. It is designed to address not only slack tummy skin and muscle but also fullness in the flanks and the mid back, skin folds beneath the shoulder blade, sagging buttocks and outer thighs. It is indicated most commonly in individuals (both men and women) who have lost a considerable amount of weight, sometimes after bariatric surgery, but it can also be useful to treat a general abdominal and flank slackness following pregnancies.

In the tummy, it uses a scar much like an abdominoplasty but this extends upwards above the hip and around toward the back, usually meeting in the midline.

This is a major procedure although in my experience the recovery has generally been reasonably speedy with most patients having returned to general activities after three weeks or so. The operation takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete and patients remain in hospital for 48 hours. In appropriate individuals this operation has the potential to achieve dramatic results not available by other means.

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