To gain the best possible results from aesthetic surgery requires careful patient selection. Not all procedures are suitable for all patients, therefore it is impossible to offer anything other than very general advice before seeing a patient. It is certainly better to have no procedure than an inappropriate one. To undergo aesthetic surgery is a major decision requiring appropriate discussion and thought.
Cosmetic Procedures

Brachioplasty is an operation designed to improve the appearance of the upper arms which frequently become slack, particularly in women with the passage of time. There are three different approaches. The first involves liposuction alone which has the advantage of leaving minimal scars and can be very helpful when there is not too much slack skin. Its obvious limitation is that it will not remove skin excess although it can produce some skin contraction.

The second option involves liposuction combined with a transverse scar in the armpit which will move upper arm skin in an upward direction. This will have more effect than liposuction alone in tightening skin but again, the effect is not dramatic.

When skin excess is marked, whether or not combined with fatty excess, then a procedure which leaves a vertical scar running from the armpit to the elbow is most appropriate. The scar is designed so that when the arm is against the side of the body it should not be visible but it is, nevertheless, an obvious and significant disadvantage of the operation. Excess surface skin is removed but the layers beneath are buried so as to give a firm contour to the arm and avoid unnatural depressions.

Liposuction and the operation leaving a transverse scar in the armpit can generally be carried out as a day case procedure. Formal brachioplasty however requires a 24 hour stay in hospital. Recovery to day-to-day activities is likely to take 7-10 days.

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