To gain the best possible results from aesthetic surgery requires careful patient selection. Not all procedures are suitable for all patients, therefore it is impossible to offer anything other than very general advice before seeing a patient. It is certainly better to have no procedure than an inappropriate one. To undergo aesthetic surgery is a major decision requiring appropriate discussion and thought.
Cosmetic Procedures
Endoscopic Brow Lift

Endoscopes, or surgical telescopes, have revolutionised many fields of surgical endeavour in recent years and have now been incorporated into cosmetic surgery enabling operations to be carried out via small, hidden incisions to leave no visible scars.

An endoscopic brow lift (endobrow) is surgery carried out to improve the effects of ageing on the forehead and often the upper eyelids also. With the passage of time, the forehead frequently sags and becomes furrowed transversely and, in many patients, vertically also around the root of the nose. In addition, the outer aspect of the eyebrows can become heavy creating the appearance of tired, heavy eyes and excessive skin in the upper eyelids, which may not, in fact, exist.

An approximate idea of what can be achieved will be gained by placing the palms of your hands at the outer edges of your eyes above the eyebrows and drawing the skin gently upward to raise both the brow and forehead area. The endobrow lift is frequently combined with facelift surgery and/or eyelid surgery, but may equally be carried out as an isolated procedure.

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