The Internet, Forums and Blogs

The Internet is a remarkable source of information and forums, blogs etc can be a useful means of seeking feedback. As an environment, however, the net is generally uncontrolled and unaccountable. Whilst much that is printed about medical procedures is accurate, some may be misleading and it can be difficult to separate factual (science based) information from material designed to promote a particular tool or technique without some background knowledge.

Testimonials, like posts on forums and chat rooms are generally anonymous and therefore both unattributable and unaccountable. There are no means of knowing whether positive comments are genuine and spontaneous or sought. Conversely, a professional has no right of reply to negative posts, even when malicious and proven independently to be factually incorrect, because of issues of confidentiality.

The Internet is one of the greatest educational tools of our age and we all benefit from the views of others when planning holidays, hotels and restaurants. However, as with all information, what is presented may require some consideration and interpretation rather than being accepted at face value.

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