Practice Philosophy

Plastic surgery, whether reconstructive or aesthetic, is a serious and significant surgical specialty.

To provide optimal care requires that the surgeon possesses sound clinical judgment in addition to technical surgical skill. Techniques are constantly evolving. It is vital to keep pace with developments and to evaluate, present and publish the outcome of one's own work in order to learn, develop skills and offer patients the best possible advice.

In no other surgical discipline would the same operation be carried out for each patient. This is true in plastic surgery also. It is vital that the surgeon has a range of procedures at his disposal to treat variations of similar conditions. This requires a broad training and the acquisition of experience. It is important to remember that the surgeon is a member of a team.

Above all, we aim to care for patients and offer the support they need in a professional and friendly manner from first consultation, through a surgical procedure and in the necessary after care. Mr Jones, his nursing and administrative staff are committed to offering contemporary, accurate advice in a relaxed but efficient manner and strive to provide the best possible surgical care.

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