Non-Surgical Treatments

The word cosmeceutical is a hybrid between "cosmetic" and "pharmaceutical" and essentially indicates skin care regimes whose action is based on scientific, pharmacological evidence rather than pure cosmetics which one might find in the high street. We use products distributed directly to surgeons and physicians not those generally available. They are suitable for all types of skin:

Skin Refining Serum
Skin refining serum is a gentle exfoliant designed to smooth and refine the skin surface and unclog pores.

Preparatory Cleanser
Preparatory cleanser is designed to refresh the skin in the morning without drying it. It is helpful for skin affected by acne.

Niacinamide Serum
Niacinamide serum evens out skin tone and provides some protection for the skin.

Daily Dose Sun Screen Cream (SPF 25)
This is a broad based UVA plus UVE protector based on zinc oxide without any other chemicals. It is ideal for sensitive skin and can be used as a daily moisturiser whilst also providing protection from the sun.

Moisture Plus
Moisture Plus soothes and hydrates dry, sensitive skin without greasiness and can be applied liberally morning and night on dry, sensitive areas.

Restylane Vital/ Vital Light
Restylane Vital / Vital Light is a unique and complete rejuvenation range for skin hydro-balance. It is used as a skin maintenance treatment and it works by holding water in the skin, improving skin roughness, elasticity and structure and increases skin firmness. It is not a filler as such although it is stabilized hyaluronic acid which is injected into the skin. It has proved useful for treating hands, d├ęcolletage, neck, the perioral region and around the eyes. For the full benefit, a treatment cycle consists of three sessions at 2-4 week intervals (which will then continue to improve due to the hydrophilic properties of hyaluronic acid). Follow-up sessions are normally recommended every 6 months but treatment cycles will be tailored depending on individual needs.

All of the above should be viewed as part of a skin care program other essential components of which are avoiding excessive exposure to the sun and not smoking.

Further information can be provided at consultation.

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